What are some of the effective ways to contain anger that has worked for you?

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There was a story in Reader’s Digest in the year 1950 and it was reprinted again in 1980.
I forgot the title:  In brief I narrate the story:
A gentleman has observed that his neighbor was digging on his side of wall and this gentleman thought that if he digs deep, then the boundary wall may be collapsed and then cooked him self about after effects and straight away went to his Lawyer friend and insisted that he has to draft a notice to his neighbor as he was trying to dismantle his house.

The lawyer pacified him for some time and then asked him whether he has time to listen a story.  So he continued.

There was a man who was driving his car alone and was going to other city. By the time he reached some distance – it was around 10 in the night but he moved ahead and suddenly his back wheel tyre got punctured.  He got down and looked at it and then opened the luggage box and he found that there was no wrench to replace the tyre.  He was annoyed at himself and then started looking around to find any workshop or house or any thing.  Fortunately, at a distance he saw a home with lights outside and inside.  So, he wanted to borrow the wrench and get the tyre replaced.  While he was going he was planning about how long it will take to replace the tyre, whether the people there in the house will allow me to take wrench or ask me to bring the car there and whether they will ask any money for lending me the wrench etc.  But by the time he was just few meters away from the house; all the lights were off except a small light on the portico.  He was stunned and waited few seconds but decided to ask them, so he moved towards that house thinking that they may be sleeping, or they may ask some money.
Well, I am ready to pay some thing – as I have to get the tyre replaced and that is important as I can not live all the night on the road.
Suppose they ask more money?
No, – I don’t think ,….
Well if some one insists more money or ask me to bring the car there?
How can I?
Okay.. forget bringing the car.. This idiot starts insisting for unusual price just to rent the wrench for a couple of hours? When I was stranded on the road?
How can I pay?
Will see – I will see them..
By thinking and expecting and cooking himself he reached the main door and pressed the bell.
There was no response.. After few seconds he pressed again.. Then a light was put on and this man was by that time cooked himself about the money the insider is going to ask –
So, as soon as the house owner opened the door
“Keep your wrench in side your safe, who wants your wrench, I can sleep inside the car. It’s too much to ask that much for just lending”

He shouted at that man and swiftly turned back and went towards his car leaving the house owner aghast.

The lawyer asked his friend  – about his reaction. Both laughed loudly and the chapter closed there.

So next time some one comes with his BP on high – ask him “ do you want wrench”
When your anger is going out-of-the-way – remember Wrench story.


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