If you are writing a discourse on person………

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If you are writing a discourse on person/ family – how do you avoid starting every sentence with their name, they or he?

Reader’s Digest is the best valuable guide in this particular aspect. You can search for 2nd hand book stalls on any busy roads and get four or five different editions of RD.

You will find there that the heading is so inviting and the story begins in a different way. say:

1. Time was 11 AM, the next local train arrives after 30 minutes, platform was empty. ( now you start) I was thinking of A, suppose he was here?

2. I was getting hurry to get out of my home as I was already late, and suddenly the mobile started ringing and I was about to reach the mobile, there was a knock on the front door. I stood there. Standing between ringtones of mobile and gentle knocks on my door. ( start from here)

3. “Are you going to move from this city? ” Anand asked me. I was there – looking into his eyes, trying to get the reason behind this question. In fact he asked this question 11th time in the last 12 hours. Then I remembered (……..)

Each story or each essay of RD is an excellent teacher about How to ? of different aspects.


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