How Modi is different from “common” Indian politicians

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When he headed a ministry with ministers who are convicted with and charge sheeted for offences of corruption and murder?

Let’s not take cover under “no one is perfect”
We believe in secularism and we need to, as we are a nation of a history that it has seen ups and downs but flourished by the cooperation of all religions.  There is no question of  that we are leaders and they have to submit to us.  At the end, whatever your agenda may be, once you got elected – may be its divine or fate or compulsion – whatever, you start looking at a larger picture with due relevance to every one involved. You can not suddenly become a Hindu terrorist over night or give an order to police to destroy all other religious symbols or halls – as if you are living in 1970 BC.

We are all – with no exception – whatsoever – dependent on one another – irrespective of religion or cast or language.  Morning we get up and our milkman may be Muslim, paper boy is a Hindu, bus driver Christian and conductor is Muslim and there are passengers – are from Gujarat, Kannada, Maratha and Telugu and Bengali etc., Our client are Muslims and our boss may be Hindu but his MD may be Muslim. There is not a single day passed in any Indian’s life without an interaction with other people who belongs to the religion other than his.

To hell with this, – but it’s the beauty of our country’s culture. Basically we do not know how to brand our-self otherwise this simple analysis is our prominent USP.

You should know that after emergency – when people rejected Smt Indira Gandhi – within 3 years they went back to her.  When Rajiv took over after her assassination and he went for polls and he got elected with huge majority. And when he was assassinated – on that day I was in Calcutta – the bund was so spontaneous, in fact no one has called for Bund – in reality no body was able to come out from home. It was as if they lost their own relation.

We Indians are – emotionally uncontrollable, and if we have decided and believed in some thing – we will not leave it or forget it till we do our best, so tomorrow we can beat our cheat saying “I only voted to XXXX”

More or less – the people of our country wants some new regime to take over, because with Rahul Gandhi – the same dispensation will be there.  If he can promise some thing new – not by talking – but by actions, Rahul should do few things or talk openly – totally in an innovative way and should arise the people’s hope and then – there may be tussle.  Other wise, the wave has to be maintained – but I am doubtful –  I feel the train has come very early, if it is late no issues and if it is on right time – it was excellent – but has come too early. People are not ready.

  1. Now I can understand that is “I read 3 times but could not make out anything ” is your trademark comment.
    Come out of that ******* you will know

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