How do we know we are actually good at management?

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Thomas J. peters and Robert H. Waterman Jr.  did extensive research and then published their findings in a stimulating book called “ In Search of Excellence”  – Entire book is devoted to explain  how big companies are spending on innovation and how they value innovation.

Few excerpts:  Innovative companies not only are unusually good at producing commercially viable new widgets, innovative companies are especially adroit at continually responding to change of any sort in their environments.

( Mark these words – I will come back to this)

As the needs of their customers shift, the skills of their competitors improve, the mood of the public perturbed, the forces of international trade realign, and government regulations shift, these companies tack, revamp, adjust, transform, and adapt. In short as a whole culture – they innovate.

The concept of innovation seemed to define the task of the truly excellent manager or management team.

( Mark again and we will discuss it)

They listed eight attributes that emerged to characterize the distinction of the excellent innovative companies:

A bias for action
Close to the customer
Autonomy and entrepreneurship
productivity through people
Hands-on, value driven
Stick to the thinking
Simple form – lean staff
Both centralized and decentralized.

Now, every organization ( in accounting terms is a separate entity) manned by the people but it has got its own characteristics and likes and dislikes also has got unique attitude of its own.  Similarly – an individual should treat himself as a – well – a start-up or running organization.

You should not only look for the value proposition you would like to add to your own “Brand” ( you treat yourself as a “brand”  you should also, irrespective of what you learned or studied – you should be able to developing yourself as a viable alternative by continually responding to the change of any sort in your environment.

Very long time back my eldest brother informed me that there are 3 streams which can take any one to the highest position of any organization, Engineering, Marketing and Finance Accounts. But how many cost accountants or engineers or marketing people were able to grow to that level is important.

Are you an innovative person or not or creative mind or not or do you have the managing capacity or not – all these are different things.  In 60’s and 70’s there used to be unending discussion on the question of “whether managers or made or managers or born”,  I believe that :

(a) If managers are born, they might not have got the right education or right environment – they left with managing their own life.
(b) If managers are made – then being pessimist by birth, being egoist by birth and being selfish by birth – they spoiled the life of an organization and its employees.

There is a truth in saying that we can teach management – but the attitude is most important.

In a management article there is an image of staircase – and the bottom step started with:

Next Perspective
Then comes Creativity
Next Organizational skills
And then Team work
And last when you are about to go to top Integrity

And it was explained why integrity is so important at the last but one step:
Leaders need integrity. This doesn’t just mean not breaking the law. That’s honesty, which certainly is an important part of integrity. But integrity goes beyond that. It is a matter of being genuine, being motivated by your deeply held values to make your organization and your co-workers better off. This is where the passion, persistence, and teamwork come from. Without integrity, you’re simply promoting yourself, and people will not follow your lead.

The answer is whether you can change ready to change and bring change and invite change through innovation and creativity? Then – well – You have your management skills.

Do you value the integrity and keep that value till the end? Yes? then Ok

Coming back to you question – You should try where you can excel with the above said attributes and how early you can reach your goal by selecting the right stream keeping the these attributes is;  you have to decide.

Every young Indian is thinking about how much scope a company or job can give him to bring change through innovation. It’s an excellent change in the mindset of you young people.


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