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If you are writing a discourse on person………

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If you are writing a discourse on person/ family – how do you avoid starting every sentence with their name, they or he?

Reader’s Digest is the best valuable guide in this particular aspect. You can search for 2nd hand book stalls on any busy roads and get four or five different editions of RD.

You will find there that the heading is so inviting and the story begins in a different way. say:

1. Time was 11 AM, the next local train arrives after 30 minutes, platform was empty. ( now you start) I was thinking of A, suppose he was here?

2. I was getting hurry to get out of my home as I was already late, and suddenly the mobile started ringing and I was about to reach the mobile, there was a knock on the front door. I stood there. Standing between ringtones of mobile and gentle knocks on my door. ( start from here)

3. “Are you going to move from this city? ” Anand asked me. I was there – looking into his eyes, trying to get the reason behind this question. In fact he asked this question 11th time in the last 12 hours. Then I remembered (……..)

Each story or each essay of RD is an excellent teacher about How to ? of different aspects.


What are some of the effective ways to contain anger that has worked for you?

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There was a story in Reader’s Digest in the year 1950 and it was reprinted again in 1980.
I forgot the title:  In brief I narrate the story:
A gentleman has observed that his neighbor was digging on his side of wall and this gentleman thought that if he digs deep, then the boundary wall may be collapsed and then cooked him self about after effects and straight away went to his Lawyer friend and insisted that he has to draft a notice to his neighbor as he was trying to dismantle his house.

The lawyer pacified him for some time and then asked him whether he has time to listen a story.  So he continued.

There was a man who was driving his car alone and was going to other city. By the time he reached some distance – it was around 10 in the night but he moved ahead and suddenly his back wheel tyre got punctured.  He got down and looked at it and then opened the luggage box and he found that there was no wrench to replace the tyre.  He was annoyed at himself and then started looking around to find any workshop or house or any thing.  Fortunately, at a distance he saw a home with lights outside and inside.  So, he wanted to borrow the wrench and get the tyre replaced.  While he was going he was planning about how long it will take to replace the tyre, whether the people there in the house will allow me to take wrench or ask me to bring the car there and whether they will ask any money for lending me the wrench etc.  But by the time he was just few meters away from the house; all the lights were off except a small light on the portico.  He was stunned and waited few seconds but decided to ask them, so he moved towards that house thinking that they may be sleeping, or they may ask some money.
Well, I am ready to pay some thing – as I have to get the tyre replaced and that is important as I can not live all the night on the road.
Suppose they ask more money?
No, – I don’t think ,….
Well if some one insists more money or ask me to bring the car there?
How can I?
Okay.. forget bringing the car.. This idiot starts insisting for unusual price just to rent the wrench for a couple of hours? When I was stranded on the road?
How can I pay?
Will see – I will see them..
By thinking and expecting and cooking himself he reached the main door and pressed the bell.
There was no response.. After few seconds he pressed again.. Then a light was put on and this man was by that time cooked himself about the money the insider is going to ask –
So, as soon as the house owner opened the door
“Keep your wrench in side your safe, who wants your wrench, I can sleep inside the car. It’s too much to ask that much for just lending”

He shouted at that man and swiftly turned back and went towards his car leaving the house owner aghast.

The lawyer asked his friend  – about his reaction. Both laughed loudly and the chapter closed there.

So next time some one comes with his BP on high – ask him “ do you want wrench”
When your anger is going out-of-the-way – remember Wrench story.

How Modi is different from “common” Indian politicians

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When he headed a ministry with ministers who are convicted with and charge sheeted for offences of corruption and murder?

Let’s not take cover under “no one is perfect”
We believe in secularism and we need to, as we are a nation of a history that it has seen ups and downs but flourished by the cooperation of all religions.  There is no question of  that we are leaders and they have to submit to us.  At the end, whatever your agenda may be, once you got elected – may be its divine or fate or compulsion – whatever, you start looking at a larger picture with due relevance to every one involved. You can not suddenly become a Hindu terrorist over night or give an order to police to destroy all other religious symbols or halls – as if you are living in 1970 BC.

We are all – with no exception – whatsoever – dependent on one another – irrespective of religion or cast or language.  Morning we get up and our milkman may be Muslim, paper boy is a Hindu, bus driver Christian and conductor is Muslim and there are passengers – are from Gujarat, Kannada, Maratha and Telugu and Bengali etc., Our client are Muslims and our boss may be Hindu but his MD may be Muslim. There is not a single day passed in any Indian’s life without an interaction with other people who belongs to the religion other than his.

To hell with this, – but it’s the beauty of our country’s culture. Basically we do not know how to brand our-self otherwise this simple analysis is our prominent USP.

You should know that after emergency – when people rejected Smt Indira Gandhi – within 3 years they went back to her.  When Rajiv took over after her assassination and he went for polls and he got elected with huge majority. And when he was assassinated – on that day I was in Calcutta – the bund was so spontaneous, in fact no one has called for Bund – in reality no body was able to come out from home. It was as if they lost their own relation.

We Indians are – emotionally uncontrollable, and if we have decided and believed in some thing – we will not leave it or forget it till we do our best, so tomorrow we can beat our cheat saying “I only voted to XXXX”

More or less – the people of our country wants some new regime to take over, because with Rahul Gandhi – the same dispensation will be there.  If he can promise some thing new – not by talking – but by actions, Rahul should do few things or talk openly – totally in an innovative way and should arise the people’s hope and then – there may be tussle.  Other wise, the wave has to be maintained – but I am doubtful –  I feel the train has come very early, if it is late no issues and if it is on right time – it was excellent – but has come too early. People are not ready.

Sex: How will the dynamics in a relation change if guys water down their attitude towards physical intimacy?

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I think the question requires some editing: ” How will the dynamics in a relation” it should be. If any reader can change it for more clarity it will be nice. However,

Let me start from the last line:
If that is the destination, they would have been there till morning without getting back to dress.
It is not a milestone like thing – they in fact achieved their satisfaction some other way, but want to see more.  Suppose I started drinking Beer and then graduated to drink Brandy and then Whisky and reached Scotch – then I want Johnny  Walker and then Johnny Walker Blue Label.
The “exploration” is not milestone – but a “continues process”.

Coming back to the first line:
“it is generally “seen” – because every body can see the “result” of sexual emotion of men but not of “women”.

They are the one who are “supposed” to make first move!
I beg your pardon, it is not “supposed to” – they “have” to, “need” to and “should” other wise there will be no way to arose female; So after that – the positions may  change – as per the degree and power of emotions of female.

And now hold your breath:

William Masters (1915-2001) and Virginia Johnson (born 1925) were two researchers who took a biological and feminist approach to their studies of the human sexual response, which they performed from 1957 until the early 1990s. Differing from Kinsey’s method of using personal interviews, they used the direct observation method. In this method, subjects were observed as they were engaging in a variety of sexual activities which included masturbation, stimulation of the breasts, and sexual intercourse with a partner (Kolodny, 1981).  They used various measurement devices to measure muscular and vascular responses to sexual arousal. Thus, instead of placing a focus on personal histories of sexual behaviors as Kinsey did, Masters and Johnson focused primarily on the biology of sex as they examined physiological responses to sexual activity.

The following paragraphs are taken from: ( full book is available – free)
Human Sexual Behavior

The term “sexual behavior” can refer to all actions and responses related to pleasure seeking.

This is a modern, very wide definition which can be traced to Sigmund Frond and his psychoanalytic theory. It was Freud who advanced the concept of “libido” (Latin: lust) which for him at first summarized the physiological energy associated with sexual urges, and later all constructive human endeavor. Eventually, he saw human life as a whole dominated by two opposing basic instincts: Eros (the life instinct) and Thanatos (the death instinct). This view was not shared by all of his followers, but the notion of a powerful innate erotic instinct or drive was widely adopted and even became part of modern popular wisdom. Thus, in many minds “the sex drive” came to stand for man’s pursuit of pleasure in all its forms. “Sex” was the underlying motive of every life-enhancing activity.

As we can see, when used in this fashion, the term “sexual behavior” becomes quite inclusive. It then may refer not only to all forms of lovemaking between men and women, but also to all sorts of other human activities. Indeed, it may be applied to infantile breast- and thumbsucking as well as to adult eating, drinking, and smoking, to dancing, singing, bicycle riding, collecting art, or applauding an artist. It may even refer to hunting, wrestling, fencing, or firing a gun. The only question in these cases is one of motivation. If the behavior is somehow motivated by the wish for pleasure, if it is prompted by an individual’s inner need for self-fulfillment, if it satisfies him or gives him comfort, if it heightens his sense of being alive—then it is clearly sexual.

As a matter of fact, one could go further and speak of sexual behavior in people who daydream about love or who act out their erotic fantasies in an unrecognizable, symbolic fashion. One could also say that the “sex drive” is blocked, warped, or disturbed in some men and women, and that they therefore offend, attack, hurt, maim, or even kill other people in a “perverted” attempt to get sexual satisfaction. In some of these cases, obvious sexual clues might even be entirely absent. Nevertheless, a psychoanalyst could perhaps track them down and thus show the “true” motivation. (On the other hand, in the end the “true” motivation may also turn out to be entirely negative, i.e., a manifestation of the death instinct. Then the suspected sexual behavior would stand revealed as not having been sexual at all.)

These few examples may suffice to show that the above definition ol sexual behavior is problematical. Certainly, it is not descriptive and neutral as were the two earlier definitions. Instead, it is evaluative and has a strong element of speculation. One may also question whether it would make any sense when applied to animals. In any case, it has not proved to be very useful to scientists. By the same token, however, it has often had great appeal for moralists and philosophers.

How do we know we are actually good at management?

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Thomas J. peters and Robert H. Waterman Jr.  did extensive research and then published their findings in a stimulating book called “ In Search of Excellence”  – Entire book is devoted to explain  how big companies are spending on innovation and how they value innovation.

Few excerpts:  Innovative companies not only are unusually good at producing commercially viable new widgets, innovative companies are especially adroit at continually responding to change of any sort in their environments.

( Mark these words – I will come back to this)

As the needs of their customers shift, the skills of their competitors improve, the mood of the public perturbed, the forces of international trade realign, and government regulations shift, these companies tack, revamp, adjust, transform, and adapt. In short as a whole culture – they innovate.

The concept of innovation seemed to define the task of the truly excellent manager or management team.

( Mark again and we will discuss it)

They listed eight attributes that emerged to characterize the distinction of the excellent innovative companies:

A bias for action
Close to the customer
Autonomy and entrepreneurship
productivity through people
Hands-on, value driven
Stick to the thinking
Simple form – lean staff
Both centralized and decentralized.

Now, every organization ( in accounting terms is a separate entity) manned by the people but it has got its own characteristics and likes and dislikes also has got unique attitude of its own.  Similarly – an individual should treat himself as a – well – a start-up or running organization.

You should not only look for the value proposition you would like to add to your own “Brand” ( you treat yourself as a “brand”  you should also, irrespective of what you learned or studied – you should be able to developing yourself as a viable alternative by continually responding to the change of any sort in your environment.

Very long time back my eldest brother informed me that there are 3 streams which can take any one to the highest position of any organization, Engineering, Marketing and Finance Accounts. But how many cost accountants or engineers or marketing people were able to grow to that level is important.

Are you an innovative person or not or creative mind or not or do you have the managing capacity or not – all these are different things.  In 60’s and 70’s there used to be unending discussion on the question of “whether managers or made or managers or born”,  I believe that :

(a) If managers are born, they might not have got the right education or right environment – they left with managing their own life.
(b) If managers are made – then being pessimist by birth, being egoist by birth and being selfish by birth – they spoiled the life of an organization and its employees.

There is a truth in saying that we can teach management – but the attitude is most important.

In a management article there is an image of staircase – and the bottom step started with:

Next Perspective
Then comes Creativity
Next Organizational skills
And then Team work
And last when you are about to go to top Integrity

And it was explained why integrity is so important at the last but one step:
Leaders need integrity. This doesn’t just mean not breaking the law. That’s honesty, which certainly is an important part of integrity. But integrity goes beyond that. It is a matter of being genuine, being motivated by your deeply held values to make your organization and your co-workers better off. This is where the passion, persistence, and teamwork come from. Without integrity, you’re simply promoting yourself, and people will not follow your lead.

The answer is whether you can change ready to change and bring change and invite change through innovation and creativity? Then – well – You have your management skills.

Do you value the integrity and keep that value till the end? Yes? then Ok

Coming back to you question – You should try where you can excel with the above said attributes and how early you can reach your goal by selecting the right stream keeping the these attributes is;  you have to decide.

Every young Indian is thinking about how much scope a company or job can give him to bring change through innovation. It’s an excellent change in the mindset of you young people.

Attitude Check

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“The Bottleneck Is at the Top of the Bottle. Where are you likely to find people with the least diversity of experience, the largest investment in the past, and the greatest reverence for industry dogma: At the top!”— Gary Hamel/Harvard Business Review

Today, you have satisfied about all the key aspects that will take your start-up idea to the next step of getting it developed. Idea may be a mobile application or web site or a product or on-line marketing idea – any “start-up” for that matter. You have verified the probable aspects that impact your products growth, its marketability and demand. You have also covered the issues connected to the capital required, expenses you incur, man power needed and how you handle the initial set-up and then supervise its journey into the market and way you handle the competitors.

Your attitude and belief about how innovative is your product, how it will become user friendly and how it can attract the customers with its creative and innovative ideas and how these ideas are really useful to the end user determines your start-ups life line.

I am not septic – and I do not want you to be septic – but list out the things which you want to check them again – about product itself, its competition, and its marketing etc.,

“If things seem under control, you’re just not going fast enough.” —Mario Andretti

Handle the indecisiveness –

This brings more ideas and exposes the reality before you. It’s a kind of evolution process, by which you will lean more.   Unless you learn now, you’re learning at a latter cost you dearly.  Unless you are dissatisfied with your idea, you will not be able to fine tune it, found the hidden issues, and understand the bugs.

Get new connections or search for new people in social media and discuss – not the idea – but background of it and find out whether there are any ideas which resembles your product or must more  valuable concept which can be fine tuned and incorporated into your idea. Don’t sit in a box, get out and immerse with people around you and while discussing different subjects – there is a chance that connects to your idea.

When you are alone – keep your mind open, fresh, allow your mind to travel as far as possible and meet any one and talk whatever your mind likes.  That is the way how you develop new ideas, new methods to support or modify your basic product idea.  You can not pinpoint where at what juncture your mind will give you the real inputs.  You don’t strain you don’t expect, you don’t worry and you don’t struggle to get ideas. Just leave it and it will get back to you.  In fact, when you leave your mind free, it will start thinking totally a different subject and jump from there another one and make rounds and come back and while going to another subject – flash! You have been told!

Challenge the current trends.

This is the basic requirement to handle, develop and shape up the ideas. Getting away from the current trends and disobeying the present systems is what is called creativity.  With this creativity you can enhance and improve your present idea.

“If it works, it’s obsolete.”—Marshall McLuhan

Meet people who are not connected to your stream.

Your family, your friends and your social media connections speak the same language again and again. There are two reasons for this: 1. they know what you like and they like so the mindsets are on even keel.  2. You know what they like and what they like to hear from you.  There will be nothing new in that, either in patterns or systems everything is same.  To know more about the world – you will have to diversify, get out of the cubicle, and get out of the normal and comfort zones. In social media connect to people who are totally different from your area of specialization or your stream.  Every problem is an opportunity to fish out more ideas.

Friendships across boundaries are the best lubricant there is.